My Client’s Testimonials

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Thank you for the time and care you took to prepare for Isaiah & Tyson’s births. Your support and willingness to be their for the deliveries (even though they were both C-sections) helped put our minds at greater ease.


We are blessed to have you in our lives.

Linda W.

Barb was a fantastic help through our pregnancy, everywhere from giving us all the advice she could possibly give us while pregnant up until when I went into labor, and through the tough parts of my labor. She helped me concentrate and gave great advice to my fiancé to help me get through the pains of labor. She even helped us after we had our daughter. She came for visits and everything:) I hope that I will be able to have her as my labor couch/doula when we are prepared to have our next baby down the road.



Ashley B. & Mike S.

When I found out I was having a baby, I knew I wanted to turn to someone who’d been through it before and could relate to the myriad of emotions and physical changes I would be going through.  What I wanted most was a spirited female confidante who would coach me through every stage of my pregnancy and birth – someone who would work with me one-on-one, and who would understand all that mattered to me about having this miraculous baby of mine. That person was Barb!



She was instantly impassioned about my goals of motherhood, and connected to me on a deeply personal level to ensure she knew best how to bring out the best in me. Throughout my pregnancy Barb would meet with me regularly and suggest different books to read, resources to explore, and to offer personal support in whatever way I felt I needed to remain positive and excited about having this baby.


Nearing the end of the pregnancy, Barb & I discussed how I could use different visualization, and meditation techniques to stay focused on my natural birthing experience.  She supplemented her techniques with some of the techniques my husband and I had learned in lamaze classes to give us a whole package of ideas to draw on when the day came.  Finally, that day came!  Barb was by my side almost as soon as we called her and immediately took me to my ‘meditative place’, she facilitated my physical comfort, provided me with nourishment, and a giggle or two to keep my spirits up!  At my weakest point, she remained calm and focussed and encouraged me to do the same — she would gently, but firmly remind me of my goals and the vision of myself as a strong mother.  When our baby (Avery) was born I truly felt as though Barb had strengthened my ability to strengthen myself as a MOM – she passed her passion of mothering and birthing and all that it means on to me, like a ‘sisterhood of motherhood’ in a way.


I am truly grateful for her spirit and all that she brings to the profession of being a doula!!  All moms-to-be will be blessed by Barb’s passion, her grace, and her eternal friendship!!


Kathy W.


Calling you on that day so early in the morning when I was having severe contractions, you didn’t hesitate; in no time you were at the hospital ready and prepared to help me through it all. All those talks, massages and the swaying of the waist really helped to alleviate the pain. You painted a picture in my head and I could not get it out, you told me that when I’m having the contractions I should visualize it being a big wave and I should just ride the wave (lol). That really helped and it also distracted me from the pain a little.


You made a whole lot of difference being there for me and now I have a good story to share about having a doula. I just want to say a big thank, God bless you and keep on doing the good work.



Dedicated to all stages of my pregnancy, Barb was a God send right to the end. Extremely supportive and committed to providing aid to acquire the most seamless, relaxing, and magical birth possible. Thanks again Barb!



It was my first time giving birth. My experience was wonderful and beautiful. I think that without the help of my Doula it would not have been such a great experience. Barb, thank you very much for the precious work you do. I believe that all labouring women should have a Doula. I loved my Doula.




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