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Hamilton DoulaKitchener Doula Birthing and Pregnancy Support Services

  • Prenatal visits to discuss pregnancy sensations & emotions, birthing expectations, and coping mechanisms.
  • Emotional and physical support during labour and birth.
  • Moral support for partners and any other family & friends present at the birth.
  • Assistance in the initiation of breast feeding immediately after birth.
  • Postpartum visits to check up on Mom and Baby and to discuss any concerns.
  • Local to Kitchener, ON. Call today for a free consultation.

Hamilton Doula | Mom and Newborn

Prenatal visits are spent getting to know each other … and more specifically to discuss:

  • The stages of labour
  • The Birth Plan – hopes and expectations, fears and concerns
  • The roles of the partner and other support people
  • Individual coping mechanisms
  • Visualization exercises
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga positions to enhance pregnancy and birth
  • Personalized Service in Kitchener, ON


I believe that a woman’s body, during the experience of birth and delivery of a baby, is like a powerful fine tuned machine. It should be given the right care and attention, surrounded by an environment that facilitates relaxation This is the best fuel for a labouring woman, and without tampering too much with the mechanics by intervening when not necessary, the body will ease into what it was designed to do and perform superbly.


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